Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Movies that Weren't that Great, but Altered my Young Life.

The filmic moments that really affected me in my younger years were really um...not all that filmic. They were random things from really not-too-amazing B movies that I became obsessed with (because I was 11 and easily obsessive.) and so I give you the top Five Filmic Moments from some pretty bad movies that Changed my Little Middle School/High School life.

5.) Ever After: The Story with Drew Barrymore and the Awkward Cod Pieces

3 AM Octopus has moved!

Tumblr was kind of rediculous, I couldn't post more than a pic at a time, it was impossible to edit, and I couldn't figure out how to have more than one video a post. Considering that my blogger style is long and multi-pictured, I have come back to the Blogger Wasteland. Jk Jk, but really now I have to figure out a way to get Blogger to work for me, because it really is the most convenient as far as editing and uploading.

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