Friday, October 15, 2010

My cat is a mutant.

Here are some illustrations based on my cat, Kitty:

This is how Kitty used to wake us up. Like she's in some intense graphic novel about the apocalypse or something and She Will DIE If I Don't Open The Door.

This is how Kitty wakes us up now. Like a Zombie.

I sleep with the door shut. Because Kitty eats us if we don't feed her on time. For reals, my Mom has full on bandages on her hand from it.


  1. And that's why cats are evil.

    The End.

    (epilogue of the Legend of Sunny Beast)

  2. i see this is a really old post and this blog may no longer be active...but this was really funny. my cat does the same thing. we have to shut him out and whisper in the morning because once he hears us, it's over.

  3. Lol ~ love those drawings! We have a couple of crazy kitties too... ;)